Ratua Island Resort and Spa


Our motivation to share this island paradise is driven by committing 100 percent of Ratua's resort profits to support surrounding communities. Each year, key projects including the construction of schools, cultural projects and sponsorship will be selected and financed entirely by the Ratua Foundation. Just click on the Foundation logo below to find out more and see how you can contribute. You can also follow the Foundation and learn more about our projects on our Facebook page.


Fifteen years ago a French philanthropist while sailing around the world heard about a beautiful jewel like island in Vanuatu just off Espirtu Santo nestled safely between Aore and Malo islands. The island was called Ratua (meaning appropriately: everyone’s welcome!). For centuries the local communities and elders had always held it in high esteem as a jewel in the northern Archipelago of Vanuatu.

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Ratua Fondation is headquartered on Ratua Private Island ( Santo) and its goal is to improve the education conditions of the Children in Vanuatu. As such Ratua Fondation actively supports different projects, such as : schools, books, infrastructure, water and electricity networks, etc. … These actions strengthen the social link between the child and its environment (family, tribe, village or island) in connection with the local decision-makers. For more information visit the Ratua Foundation Website : https://www.ratuafoundation.com/


Ratua is one of 83 islands in the Vanuatu archipelago and is located in the northern group next to the largest island in Vanuatu called Espiritu Santo. Safely protected between Malo and Aore islands, Ratua features 146 acres or 60 hectares of unusually gentle topography for a Vanuatu island. The entire island is available to explore. Ratua is the only private island in Vanuatu with an 800-meter runway, which is less than 5 minutes by air from Santo International airport and 30 minutes with one of our 4 transfer boats.

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