Small and intimate by nature, business can be conducted while enjoying some quality luxury vanuatu holidays on Ratua Island in total privacy and without intrusion. The Yacht Club provides an ideal open space for large groups or think tanks to gather in, while smaller breakaway groups can meet either in the media center or within the privacy of guests’ private suites. The traditional “Namakal” is also open to guests. Situated under a large tree or ‘lean-to,’ this is typically where the men from the village rally to talk about current issues, whether they are political or otherwise. Often the chief will use this time to mediate and or make judgment on village disputes or even close business deals, usually over cups of Kava.

Ratua Islands’ unique environment and activities also provide excellent team building opportunities both on land and in the water. Ratua’s staff and facilities are exclusively yours to create an inspirational meeting, retreat or reward for your special employees or clients.