Around Santo

Espiritu Santo hosts a wide range of adventures and experiences for guests to enjoy during their luxury vanuatu holidays, whether it is walking on an unspoiled empty beach, snorkeling in unusual underwater landscapes or joining in ritualistic tribal dances and ceremonies.

Millennium Cave

Entails a full-day bush walk filled with stunning scenery and leading inside a magical journey of crystal pools, sparkling stalactites and stalagmites, and thermal falls.

Million Dollar Point

Near Espiritu Santo is a spectacular snorkel and dive site full of colourful fish and coral grown over old army equipment–they say there's a million dollars worth of memorabilia under the water!

SS President Coolidge

Enjoy the wreck dive of a lifetime. See the majesty of this ship from bow to engine room, underwater.

Cultural Villages

See Vanuatu return to the old ways, removed from all foreign and modern influences.

Champagne Beach

Has a wide shoreline of soft, white sand that extends several meters into translucent blue water.

Blue Hole

Discover the stunning 2-3m deep and 100m wide Blue Hole. The hole is filled with colorful coral and fish–a morning spent snorkeling in the amazing cobalt blue water is an unforgettable experience.

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