Espiritu Santo's Luganville Airport is an hour's flight by light aircraft from Port Vila. There are some direct international flights from Brisbane on Air Vanuatu, Qantas and Pacific Blue. Ratua is just a 30-minute motorboat journey from Espiritu Santo airport on our own private launch. A private plane from Port Vila direct to Ratua Island’s own private runway is also available on special request and takes 1 hour to reach our luxury resort in vanuatu.

Travel Tips

Vanuatu money: the Vatu
Electricity: 240Volt Australian style sockets
Languages: English, French, Pidgin

Visa Requirements

Citizens of most countries do not need a visa to visit Vanuatu.

Visitors may stay 30 days with possible 4-month extensions. Visitors must have onward tickets to a place where they have authorised entry and sufficient funds to support themselves in Vanuatu.

Visitors may not engage in any form of employment or business activities without a relevant visa

Warning: A visa is mandatory to access the Australian territory.


Throughout Vanuatu Archipelago, one thing remains constant, life is characterised by a constant cycle of ritual events. Every aspect of a person's life is celebrated by extended families that number in the hundreds, filial relationships being remembered back in time through countless generations. There seems always to be a significant ritual of some sort happening, or about to happen, somewhere. Villages are abundant in mythic legends. With no written language, story telling, songs and dances are of the utmost importance. Art in many forms, from body decorations and tattoos, to elaborate masks, hats and carvings, are also a vital part of ritual celebrations and the social life of the village.


Southeast trade winds bring warm tropical weather throughout the year. Occasional tropical showers occur between January and April with high humidity. Snorkeling and diving are excellent all year, as sea temperatures never drop below 24C.

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May June
Temp °C 29 29 28 27 26 25
Month July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Temp °C 24 24 25 26 27 28