Sustainable development

Ratua's model of ethical and ecological tourism is the beginning of what will lead to a self-sustained island, while preserving better quality of life on the spot.

Guests will find large fans in place of air conditioning, an organic kitchen garden, and an absence of plastic and television. Our approach to development has always been to keep the land and people here intact.
The ultimate goal is to be carbon neutral. We have taken steps to conserve native ecology and implemented a re-vegetation program with the planting of more than 1000 fruit trees, which can be experienced through the natural trails here.
Ecological building methods include 100 percent wood construction and use of sustainable design and materials.
The chef uses fresh organic fruit and vegetables from Ratua's kitchen garden, which is continually growing. We work with local villages to breed their stock with animals on the island to provide beef, chicken and pork for the kitchen.
All seafood is purchased from local anglers who come by the island each morning with their daily catch.

As we progress toward a ""zero carbon"" footprint, our intent is to have 100 percent renewable energy sources like solar and wind with no carbon dioxide emissions in our Vanuatu resort.